Custom Cabinets Make one Las Vegas Homes more Livable

Las Vegas real estate have been quietly increasing in value and many home owners are looking towards improving on their existing property rather than moving.  Here at ACG Design our Architecture and Engineering firm has helped home owners make significant home improvements with the idea of improving clients well being.  This can be accomplished by evaluating your existing home and tackling individual areas that you spend time at.  Decide what is important to your life and where you spend the most time.

Improvements aren’t always about increasing your home value but there are certain areas that help resale value.  This can include the addition of new granite/quartz counter tops and cabinets within critical spaces such as the Kitchen, powder and Bathrooms within the house.  It’s really a personal decision as for one of our clients being able to store and display valuable rare books drove the decision to make modifications to an existing living room wall and create a balanced set of very tall book shelves to compliment an existing fire place.


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