Learn Critical Steps to Fix Commercial Real Estate Damage In Las Vegas:

Some of the worst issues to address as a tenant or landlord is how to deal with unexpected building damage. Believe it or not, this issue comes up more times than you think in the Las Vegas area. Knowing and taking the correct steps can make a big difference in the time it takes to get your building operational again.

First steps are to better understand the underlying issues and causes for the damage that have taken place. Depending on the severity of the damage there could be more than just cosmetic repairs that need to be made. This is where acting quickly and having access to a team of responsive building design engineers and architects can be a real feather in your cap.

Here are some common causes for Commercial Real Estate Damage In Las Vegas:

  1. Your Building was just hit by a car.
  2. Gas meter was hit by a vehicle and knocked the power out.
  3. Wind damage is affecting your building, lightpoles or signage.
  4. Water damage caused interior gypsum wall damage during a sudden Vegas downpour.
  5. Power is out in a commercial building or damaged.
  6. Fire sprinkler went off and caused flooding and building damage in Las Vegas.
  7. Unexpected Fire damage.

No matter what the extent of damages to your building, determining the root of the problem and what is required to fix it correctly is most important. Many times when these emergencies hit it can be difficult to know what to do and have the resources for knowing who to call.

Fix Commercial Real Estate Damage In Las VegasWith Commercial Real Estate Damage In Las Vegas sometimes the first thing I ask myself is just how can such an event happen?

I’m sure many of you reading this article are trying to picture just what I’m talking about..so in case you haven’t noticed real building damage I took the photo in this article (right ->)

It’s pretty far away from the street but is most likely the result of a vehicle that lost control at the stop light.  I would have to think this is being addressed by the apartment complex and can’t tell how long it has been in this condition.  It is curious that you don’t see much disturbance to the landscape rock.

I would recommend also snapping some photos of the damage and conditions that led to the incident and looking into your insurance policy for the potential for placing a claim.  (A claim could be what the building owner is waiting on prior to commencing on the repair)

Steps to take would be to properly evaluate the building structure to ensure no damage has occured to the main structural components.  Once you can remove any safety concerns determine a fix.  I imagine that the owner would not want to replace the full height of the wall stud in this case but could look at splicing new studs along side the existing framing to repair the sub-structure and replace any damaged sheathing. Once the substrate is repaired then a new exterior stucco system could be added to match and blend with the building’s original appearance.

Why should you call an architect first?

An architect has experience in building related components and has working relationships with consulting engineers of a variety of disciplines. Whether your problem involves electrical, mechanical, structural or Fire damage an architect can assemble a team of engineers to evaluate your situation and help guide you to establishing a way to fix it.

Your business could be completely shut down in Las Vegas till structural repairs are addressed. Be aware that local building and/or fire departments can issue a notice, where you must correct your building.  This presents a big problem for keeping your business running. Losing valuable revenue due to loss in operations can only make situations like these deadly. Getting your doors back open quickly is something that just makes good financial sense.

When calling an Architect, you will want to explain that your situation will require immediate assistance. Since architects can be busy, not every architect may be available or have the resources to provide this level of immediate attention.

The architects and engineers at Architectural Civil Group is a good number to have in your phone for just these types of emergencies. We’ve dealt with Commercial Real Estate Damage In Las Vegas and have experience in assembling teams of qualified professionals to your door step to provide on-site evaluations.  Our firm, can put you in touch with qualified Las Vegas contractors as well as provide both commercial and custom residential plans.

Feel free to contact us 24/7 for questions concerning any issues that you may want consultation. We’re more than happy to help get your business back on track!

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