About Us

We offer a unique source of expertise to an assortment of clients throughout Las Vegas.  If your project involves getting a building permit in Las Vegas, our professional design team offers the tools you need to take your project the next step towards construction.  Our long standing experience with Clark County, Henderson, City of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas building and zoning departments has helped clients just like you get the approvals you need to get your project started.  Meet our key members that will help you with your project every step of the way!

Nathan Jones – President

Nathan Jones is the President of ACG Design. Mr. Jones has been a part of the local Civil Engineering community for over twenty years. His role provides key decision making for the project team to ensure the team is effectively working with all available resources.

Mr. Jones completes proposals for upcoming projects, budgets projects to keep projects on track for each phase, develops and maintains relationships with existing and potential clients, serves as the primary point of contact for clients and local agencies to ensure that client deadlines are met for each phase of the project, conducts site visits for pre‐construction and post‐construction, while maintaining a strong rapport with governmental agencies.

In addition, Mr. Jones has worked extensively on projects throughout Southern Nevada. Previous responsibilities included the design and coordination of arterial roadways, including drainage improvements and coordination with property owners for the dedication of rights‐of‐way required for these projects.

Additional responsibilities included the design of water, sewer and storm drain utility lines, including RCB and channel transition structures along with the street light design, traffic signal design and right‐of‐way plans.  Mr. Jones has also completed numerous hydraulic and hydrologic calculations and designs for projects all over Southern Nevada.

Kerry Shahan – Architect

Kerry Shahan is a licensed Architect with 20 years of experience in architectural and commercial design. Mr. Shahan has lead numerous successful commercial design projects in Las Vegas from early conceptual phases through construction while seamlessly integrating every element of his projects including mechanical, electrical, civil engineering and structural engineering to ensure a quick, efficient and budgetary permitting process that adheres to a strong architectural vision and concept. The diverse nature of our building designs range from Medical, Dental, and Office to Restaurant/Bar design servicing a full range of satisfied clients.

The services offered under Mr. Shahan’s direction, depending on each individuals clients needs, range from; architectural schematic design, commercial construction plans, commercial tenant improvement plans, restaurant design, custom residential, land use assessments, permitting, schematic designs, signage and lighting designs, building code analysis, 3D Rendering designs, construction management and as-built plan drawings.

Randolph Skorpinski, P.E. – Civil Engineer

Randolph Skorpinski has been a part of the local Civil Engineering community for approximately twenty years. Mr. Skorpinski has 10 years of experience in major subdivision and infrastructure design, including large project cost planning, public infrastructure plan preparation, design team supervision, and utility coordination. Mr. Skorpinski worked for four years in public works transportation, providing designs for the City of Las Vegas, Maricopa County, Arizona, and for the Hoover Dam bypass project.

Mr. Skorpinski’s responsibilities include reviews of statistical analysis of technical data pertaining to ground and surface water quantity and quality, urban and agricultural hydrologic programs, rainfall and drainage, flood control, water resource facilities and conservation for the existing, interim and ultimate conditions of the project. In addition, he reviews reports regarding precipitation records, groundwater basins and surface water resources, evaluates water needs and supply availability utilizing computer programs such as AutoCAD and Flowmaster and provides input for the formulation and administration of water supply contracts.

Additionally, Mr. Skorpinski’s has experience in the design of traffic signals, traffic control plan designs, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), pavement markings, traffic calming, signage, other traffic control device plans, and preparation of geometric design and delineation plans. Mr. Skorpinski has designed roadways, including pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and drainage improvements, including the design and coordination of water, sewer and storm drain utility lines. These utilities are properly designed to meet the standards set forth in the Uniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water (UDACS) and the standards set forth in the Design and Construction Standards for Wastewater Collection Systems (DCSWCS).

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